Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Blue Ridge, Georgia Bigfoot Sighting - 1998

Report Number: 0001

Method of Report Reception: The Chattahoochee Bigfoot™ On-Line Submission Form

Approximate Date of Encounter: 06/22/98

Time: Approx. 12:00P

Location: Gilmer County, Georgia

Type: Physical Sighting

Terrain: Mountainous

What was observed?

A local worker went out to take measurements for glass installation in to a new cabin that was being built in the N. Georgia Mountains near Blue Ridge, Georgia. As the worker arrived at the structure, he noticed two tall, hair covered creatures standing on what was the unfinished back balcony of the cabin. By his own approximation, the tallest being was around 8’ to 8 1/2’ in height (its color was gray) while the smaller of the two was estimated at around 6 ½’ to 7’. It was assumed that the gray one was the male and the brown was female (however, it has been noted that he was not sure because of the distance he was standing from them). He described both as looking very human-like, more so than ape-like and their skin was of “olive” complexion.

The observer also stated that both of the Bigfoot stepped over a makeshift rail and partially finished outdoor stairs and, exited in to the woods on a slightly worn out path leading the cabin’s side. The observer was very adamant the neither of the Bigfoot were in a hurry.  After about 20 minutes, the observer worked up the nerve to go up to the back porch of the cabin’s balcony.

Upon arrival up to the balcony level, it was at this time when he peered over that he noticed a rutted trail that had been slightly used and was approximately four foot wide. He proceeded to take his measurements for a sliding glass door when he noticed something in where the living room would be. He found an area that was full of old pine limbs, sticks, twigs and vines. He stated that this structure some eight foot in diameter appeared to woven together in an egg shape with a four foot hole in the middle -something akin to and described as a “tree igloo” if you will. He could see very clearly into the structure and he noticed what appeared to be an old doll, some candy wrappers of various chocolates, a tin can and an old handled comb like someone would have used back in the 1970’s. The observer noticed no smells typically associated during and after Bigfoot encounters.

Conclusion: Authentic sighting