Wednesday, October 19, 2016

REPORT - Dogmen-Like Entities Reported by Witness in Dallas County, Georgia - 2016

Report Number: 0002

Method of Report Reception: The Chattahoochee Bigfoot™ Online Submission Form

Approximate Date of Encounter: 02/13/2012

Time: Approx. 3:00A

Location: Dallas County, Alabama

Type: Physical Sighting

Terrain: Farmland/Swampy

What was observed?

The witness was coming back in from an out of town venue and arrived at her place of residence circa 3:00A. Having things to unload from her pick-up truck, the witness backed into her yard tailgate first on this particular night. She had called friends she met on her venue to let them know she made it home safely.

After a few minutes (around 10 to 15 minutes); the witness saw what she thought at the time, was a person walking through her front, country lawn. The witness was startled because of her location being in the suburbs and the late hour at which anyone would be “just walking through” (she described her emotions as being, “creeped-out”. She immediately locks the doors on her automobile until she felt comfortable the person was moving on. However, the person never did make it all the way through the yard and hid behind a large tree.

To the witness’ amazement, a second individual came from the same direction and took position behind another sizable tree in the witness’ front yard.  Nervously and not wanting to exit the vehicle, she scooted down in the front seat of her truck at the recommendation of her friends that she was still on the phone with. Remarkably, and as she peered over through the front windshield – a third party exited a wood line and took position with the second the second one that has come out.  It was the third person that had exited the woods that peeked from around the tree at her. They seemingly must have known she was still in the vehicle. It was shortly after the third of what the witness thought were “people” that she noticed of the one peeking out that it had a snout (it turned its head from side to side at times and silhouetted itself at certain intervals, the moon was full) and long ears – longer than any person’s ears should be.

The witness simply couldn’t believe what she was experiencing. At times, all three entities knelt, hunched and stood erect. She knew immediately that these were not people and they were some type of upright walking, hairy beings that had “dog-like” head features. The witness described each creature as being approximately 6 ½’ to 7’ tall in stature, solid black and coated with a dusting of hair with black skin.

Eventually, after about 20 minutes of observing these strange beings (and trying to capture a digital picture of them on her phone – none of them came out due to bad light); they ran towards the back part of her property to a swampy/marshy area out of view. Other reprised physical features of the beings given by the witness over the phone but not via The Chattahoochee Bigfoot™ Sighting Submission Forms were that they stayed hunched over most of the time, they seemed to have a tuft of hair running down the back of the neck akin to a horse, the arms stayed in somewhat of a retracted/ bouncing pendulous mode like a what could be imagined on a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur from the movies. And finally, the legs were described as being more akin to a canine’s hind leg than that of a person or a normal, typical Bigfoot. The witness has observed these “Bigfoot-Like”, but not quite Bigfoot entities two more times since the original event. She placed trail cameras throughout her residence but has yet to capture a decent digital photo.

Conclusion: Legitimate report – We have no reason at this time to doubt the witness. Investigation is on-going. These types of sightings including "dogmen-like" entities are becoming more prevalent for some unknown reason.